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October Screams Halloween (Healthy) Treats

October Screams Halloween (Healthy) Treats

October screams Halloween, costumes and trick-or-treat. Candy reigns supreme but it is far from the only treats your family can enjoy. This overload of sugar isn’t healthy for our teeth or for our waistlines.

Sugary treats can cause cavities. Brushing and flossing our fangs, I mean teeth, at least twice a day for 2 minutes, followed by anti-cavity fluoride rinse, will eliminate the sugar in our mouths. Balancing the avalanche of candy with kid-friendly, mom approved snacks are not only fun but hauntingly delicious. Here are some clever options I found to trick your kids to eat healthier and inspire you.

  1. Cheesy Witch Brooms

String cheese or cheese slices cut into bottom half into strips wrapped around a pretzel stick with a fresh chive as string to hold in place. How cute!

  1. Clementine Pumpkins

Peeled clementine orange with a celery as pumpkin stalk.

  1. Boo-nana Pops and Banana Ghosts

Slice bananas in half and attach to a popsicle stick. Bananas two ways: Dip in white chocolate and add mini chocolate chip eyes or skip the white chocolate for healthier option.

  1. Pizza Fingers

Slice pizza into strips and add red pepper triangles to the tips to make tasty but spooky fingers.

  1. Breadstick bones

Refrigerated bread stick dough with ends split in half and rolled to shape like bones. Bake and enjoy!

  1. Hot Dog Mummies

Pigs in a blanket Halloween style-hot dog wrapped with breadstick dough. Yummy mummy!

  1. Spider Crackers/Sandwiches

Ritz crackers or your favorite bread cut into circles with spreadable cheese or peanut butter and pretzel as spider legs.

  1. Popcorn Witch’s Hands

Non-latex gloves filled with skinny popcorn and candy corn in the fingers to resemble nails. Tied off and accessorize with spider ring. Adorable!

  1. Olive snake

Platter of hummus with olives placed in a row in the shape of a snake with a carrot tongue and cheese eyes. Terrifying!!

  1. Apple monster

Apple cut into quarters with a wedge cut out of the skin side to make a mouth. Attach sliced almonds as teeth and peanut butter to attach apple slice tongue. Use toothpicks to adhere marshmallow eyes to the top.


~Post by Dr. Dorosti. Call or stop by our office for an appointment and let us TREAT you to a healthy smile! 








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