Keep Dentures Clean

Clean Dentures

Keep Dentures Clean

To avoid oral problems and ensure your dentures/bridge last a lifetime, you should keep them fresh and clean. Here are tips for keeping dentures and bridges white and clean to get you started.

Always Keep Your Dentures Moist

When you’re not wearing your dentures, soak them in either plain water or a cleanser soaking solution. This is important because it will help keep your dentures fresh, clean and moist.

Brush Your Dentures/Bridge Every Day

Similar to natural teeth, bridges and dentures are susceptible to decay, particularly near the gum-line. To prevent this from happening, you should brush and floss your dentures/bridges daily to remove dental plaque, food debris and other particles stuck between them. This will not only prevent plaque and bacteria build up, but also ensure your dentures/bridge remain stain free.


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